Re: Criteria for importing

> From what I have seen, this sort of accidentally worked for those
> versions where the md5sum duplicate detection worked.  Apparently the
> path / uri never was used --- but it most definitely ought to...

If you're talking about the "detect duplicates automatically" checkbox,
I should mention I never used it. I always assumed it meant "detect
duplicates among those pics about to be imported" (thus, I assumed
that checking whether a pic is already in the db or not would be done
before the md5 part)

Also, even if for some reason the option for detecting duplicates
was enabled despite the checkbox being not checked, I should mention
that F-Spot always detected which pics were not already in the db
VERY SWIFTLY, so I find hard to believe that md5 was being done.

Is there anything else F-Spot could be using besides md5 and path?

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