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Hi, competition is always good and I think f-spot's developers must pay attention to peaple say about shotwell's strenghts and f-spot weakness, so here I go:

Shotwell strenghts:
1. Speed: The thumbnails displays are lighting fast. I can jump to any part of my photo collection and thumbs get displayed almost instantly
2. Multiple photo collection: From the command line I can specify which collection I want to start.
3. Export. The facebook plugin works great, I haven't mess with the others but this one works as expected (a must for me)
4. Stability. So far, I have not stability issues.
5. Change date

F-spot weakness:
1. Low Speed: The thumbnails are slow, if I jump to some point oh my collection, the thumbnails seem to be regenerated. Or if I use the window's scroll bar to navigate through thumbnails, I have to stop navigation at some point to be able to see the thumbs at that position (again, the thumbs looks empty and after 2 o 3 seconds they appear)
2. No Multiple photo collection. I can at least 2 uses of this:
   a) The Hidden tag hasn't subtags, so if I had a lot of pics there this I had trouble finding something. And, what is the point of a tag named Hidden if It is visible at the tag structure? I have in there some pics of ex girlfriends, then I show my actual girlfriend some pics of us, but when she show the "hidden" tag, she demand to see inside! so hidden do not actually hide lol
   b) I want to share f-spot with another person and can't create another account for him
3. Export plugins. I use a lot smugmug and facebook to share my photos, but suddenly they both stop working (well there is now the smugmug redux), but today the facebook plugin isn't working.
4. Stability. I had several issues here. 1 of 3 times, when I import some pics, f-spot hangs, then I retry the import and everything goes fine. Same for export to a 
folder. Also, sometimes the thumbs do not show, so I have to double click a  empty thumbnail to see at what photo I'm positioned.
5. The date change isn't working for me. I went vacation with my family and my sister's camara has the wrong date (something at 1950), when I imported this photos, f-spot sorted like the year was 2050, then I try to change the date, but with not luck

I'm using f-spot for a couple of years and was very happy with it, but I must admit that the weakness I already mention are pissing me off from a months ago, so I hope this weakness change to strengths soon!

2011/8/12 Heiner <list heinrich-muenz de>

And for me image versioning is a must, too! At this time, shotwell is
quite o.k. for a few hundred cellphone jpgs, but not for work with huge
photo collections.


Am Freitag, den 12.08.2011, 15:34 +0100 schrieb Graham White:
> And for me.
> Graham
> On Fri, Aug 12, 2011 at 03:05:04PM +0100, Dougie Nisbet wrote:
> > On 12/08/2011 14:32, Josep Cols wrote:
> > >
> > >For me, it's not true. I can't migrate to Shotwell because Shotwell
> > >has only 1 level of tags.
> > >
> > >On my collection, I have about 40.000 photos and 2.000 tags: if tags
> > >are on a 'linear' structure, it's very dificult to find the exact tag.
> > >
> > >For me, the tree structure of f-spot tags are a must.
> > >
> > yup. same here. Hierarchical tagging is a must-have for me too.
> >
> > Dougie
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