Re: Please, continue evonving f-spot

I've been kind-of looking for a way into f-spot development, but the
maintainer activity is a bit low to say the least...

In the meantime I've started to feel that f-spot is a bit behind it's
time, with gnome focusing a fair bit on tracker and it's metadata store
and all. I've started toying with starting a project using tracker for
metadata, including some custom ontologies for storing tag information
(such as parent tag, location, etc) if that is not already there. I have
no idea of the amount of work to use tracker in this way...

There is no emmidiate benefit to using tracker in the short-term though
(apart from a few pretty awesome features that are hard to implement in
f-spot), so if development were to pick up again, I could probably help
with a few patches here and there when I have time :)

fre 2011-08-12 klockan 15:32 +0200 skrev Josep Cols:
> On his bye mail, Tomas says than Shotwell is better than f-spot. 
> For me, it's not true. I can't migrate to Shotwell because Shotwell has only 1 level of tags. 
> On my collection, I have about 40.000 photos and 2.000 tags: if tags are on a 'linear' structure, it's very dificult to find the exact tag. 
> For me, the tree structure of f-spot tags are a must. 
> Thanks for the product and continue the evolution. 
> Regards

Simon Lindgren

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