Re: raw photos

Hi Peter,

Am 08.09.2010 14:21, schrieb Peter Hagen:
I have a (probably stupid) question about the raw photos, which surely
someone has an answer. At home I use the f-spot which is in the default
Ubuntu 10.04 distribution (I guess its the version). I use allot
of NEF photos (raw photos from Nikon) which are shown by F-spot
perfectly. Only, when I want to export them, its not possible to write
the to jpeg or something. I knew this already, but my question is, why
can f-spot show them on screen perfectly, and when I use ufraw or
rawstudio to convert them, I always get a different result. Why is it
not possible for f-spot to export the photo, just like its shown on the
screen? Cause, f-spot really shows it the way I want the photo to be.

Aside from developing each picture, one possible solution would be to just take exactly this embedded file when trying to export the raw file (yes, I know, it's low quality, but full resolution and thus still useful IMHO). I would find this useful especially for all export dialogs.
Two possible ideas for implementing it:
1) Write an extension where on right-click->export as jpeg the selected
   images are exported using either existing processed jpeg files or the
   embedded jpeg file
2) Upon export, F-Spot automatically decides which image to take. This
   should then be done for all extensions.

I don't know if method 2 is too confusing for users that deal with raw files. For me it would be great. What do you think?

On developing: Try using the curves from Fotogenic as base curves (see - "Base curve") and then play with the Corrections tab.

So long,

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