Re: Newbie questions on F-spot

On 09.11.2009 11:35, mdowle mdowle plus com wrote:
> I have just installed Ubuntu 9.10 on its own partition, migrating from
> Windows XP Pro SP2 and keeping them side by side on dual-boot. When I
Welcome :)

> 2. The F-spot 'way' seems to be to have all photos (could be 000's) in one
> single directory and then use an internal database to organise them,
This also happened to me once. If you select a folder during import that
is different from the default one configured in the f-spot preferences,
then no date hierarchy will be created. Make sure the same folder is
If this does not work, file a bug for ubuntu's f-spot version, as this
is an ubuntu patch not included in official f-spot.

> 5. So eventually I used the filebrowser outside f-spot so copy my files
> and leave F-spot do its stuff, then removed /tmp/0001 afterwards.  How do
> I now 'repair' or 'start-over' my F-spot database since it seems to be
> corrupted.
Just delete the photos from inside F-spot and you can re-import.
BTW: F-spot usually takes the exif date and not the file timestamp,
because this is more reliable (if the exif tag exists).
Note that due to a bug, the date is shifted by some amount (your
timezone - UTC). There is currently some discussion about it (again ;)).

Have fun,

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