Re: Newbie questions on F-spot

On Mon, 2009-11-09 at 16:48 +0100, Fabian Kneißl wrote:

> This also happened to me once. If you select a folder during import that
> is different from the default one configured in the f-spot preferences,
> then no date hierarchy will be created. Make sure the same folder is
> specified.
> If this does not work, file a bug for ubuntu's f-spot version, as this
> is an ubuntu patch not included in official f-spot.

I'll try to take look at this and file a bug as needed, since I'm
rapidly becoming familiar with the Ubuntu F-Spot package.

> Just delete the photos from inside F-spot and you can re-import.
> BTW: F-spot usually takes the exif date and not the file timestamp,
> because this is more reliable (if the exif tag exists).
> Note that due to a bug, the date is shifted by some amount (your
> timezone - UTC). There is currently some discussion about it (again ;)).

I believe that as long as the preferences are not set to store tags and
descriptions in the files, the timestamps will not be affected.

If F-Spot is set to store tags and descriptions in the files, it will
indeed shift all timestamps to try to put them in UTC. If you then
delete and re-import some photos, they will get shifted again, etc.


Steve McGrath
smcgrath23 gmail com

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