Re: Roadmap to 1.0

A very nice discussion you had here :-)

I can propose how we could produce "mockups" without too many pictures.
Let's use use-cases, like they do it in Ubuntu and Fedora blueprints, e.g.

"Bob wants to view photos that Alice has on her laptop. He opens his f-spot and sees Alice's Photos link (probably a picture here), provided they are on the same network. After clicking the link, Alice's photos are displayed on Bob's computer." Technical details follow, eg locking, avahi, etc.

Use cases will make the intention more clear before discussing the technical possibilities.

Then, such use cases could be put here:
And finally, implemented by someone.

I also very much like the ideas, and while I agree with Brian that we need to do the 'simplest thing possible' on each iteration, I still think that synchronisation and more control over photo files are very much desired and is unavoidable.

So, let's keep things simple and try to describe and implement the ideas step-by-step.


P.S. what is the 'official statement' on patches in ?

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