Re: no icons in F-Spot

## Stephane Delcroix (stephane delcroix org):

> > There is. icon-theme-installer contains bashisms, which fail when just
> > fixing up the shebang with /bin/sh; furthermore, it expects the
> > argument for -x to be passed with full path (which did not happen
> > in my tests).
> well, icon-theme-installer is a bash script... so it's not a bug to
> contains bashisms :)

But it breaks when replacing bash with a non-bash /bin/sh, which is
perhaps not the "right thing to do", but often it works.

> But I'd be happy to change it so it can be run
> in /bin/sh... Please share your patch...

Well, I did not fix the issue, I just put in static paths. I'll try
to make icon-theme-installer more portable, but perhaps it's easier
just to depend on bash.

> > I updated my port of f-spot (0.4.4 seems to depend on
> > beagle and stuff, which I did not want to port, as I don't have
> > a clue what that's for (and lack of time, of course)).
> 0.4.4 has no new dependency on beagle. the dependency is there for more
> than a year (I'd say 2) and it's only optional.

Uh, 0.4.4's configure barfed on me directly after not finding beagle,
and I did not have the time to really dig into the issue; so I just
assumed it was beagle...

Expect some patches later this week.


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