Re: no icons in F-Spot

Quoting myself,

> I think there is some problem with the icon-theme-installer on FreeBSD,

There is. icon-theme-installer contains bashisms, which fail when just
fixing up the shebang with /bin/sh; furthermore, it expects the
argument for -x to be passed with full path (which did not happen
in my tests).
I updated my port of f-spot (0.4.4 seems to depend on
beagle and stuff, which I did not want to port, as I don't have
a clue what that's for (and lack of time, of course)).
Fetch the full port here:
or the patch to update the port from 0.4.0 to here:
I think there's still a FreeBSD PR around to update f-spot,
please test and perhaps the maintainer will take care of that.
Note: I did only very short testing ("works for me") on my
FreeBSD/amd64 7.0. Use with care.


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