Re: I'm trying to learn Mono specifically to contribute to f-spot, advice?

I too would like to work on F-spot and would rather use an IDE.  Thanks
Micheal for the help on searching the mailing lists for help, but after
browsing the google results all I find are people asking for help
setting up a solution file and getting either no reply or advice to use
VIM.  VIM and tag files are adequate when you're familiar with the
program, but an IDE with call graph analysis and type hierarchy displays
are indispensable for quickly understanding unfamiliar code.

If anyone out there has made some progress on getting f-spot to under
monodevelop or another IDE I'd love to hear about it.  I'm itching to
contribute to f-spot.


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> Subject: Re: I'm trying to learn Mono specifically to contribute to
> 	f-spot,	advice?
> To: "Richard Bronosky" <mythtv bronosky com>
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> There is no solution file for F-Spot.  Some people have written and
> contributed some (sorry, I don't have a link), but there are none
> distributed with the code from the repository.
> Keep in mind that you don't need to use MonoDevelop to work with C#
> and Mono code.  GEdit and Vim both have syntax highlighting for C#.
> You could also try creating your own solution file.
> Given that this question was asked over a year and a half ago
> (,
> I don't think we will be getting a solution file included in the
> source (unless there were enough demand.)
> Also note that the search for the mailinglist archives seems to be
> broken (at least I can never get it to work).  You can get around this
> by some google hackery:
> "site: monodevelop"
> That search string will find any thread that contains "monodevelop" in
> the f-spot archives.  That's how I found the thread above.
> Good luck!
> On 3/18/07, Richard Bronosky <mythtv bronosky com> wrote:
>> From: Richard Bronosky <richardbronosky gmail com>
>> Date: Mar 18, 2007 8:08 PM
>> Subject: I'm trying to learn Mono specifically to contribute to f-spot, advice?
>> To: F-spot-list gnome org
>> So, I installed MonoDevelop, went through the tutorials, downloaded
>> the f-spot 0.3.5 source, worked out the dependencies,  and built it.
>> Now I'm trying to to find a project or solution file to open in
>> MonoDevelop to get started.  I'm not finding any.
>> Info seems scarce.  The word "Mono" doesn't even occur in the list
>> archive.  Where should one go to get started?
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