Re: Tag search for all / any tags

Dotan Cohen wrote:
On 05/10/06, Warren Baird <photogeekmtl gmail com> wrote:
It seems like a hybrid solution might be best -  default to AND between
top level categories and OR within them, but provide a relatively easy
way to switch that default on the fly (modifier key, RMB menu, something
like that)

This sounds backwards. I think that you meant OR between top level
categories, and AND within them.

I don't think so - I'm pretty sure AND between and OR within is what I've heard discussed here before - and it makes more sense to me intuitively. If I select "San Francsico" in "Places" and "Butterflies" and "Flowers" in "Things". I think it's more likely that I'd want to see all pictures of "Butterflies or flowers taken in San Francisco", or "San Francisco AND (Butterflies or Flowers)".

Or am I missing something?

So what way do you propose to do that? You say that you want it done
easily, without using an advanced dialog. What UI solution do you

I can think of several
- modifier keys held while clicking on the tag - shift reverses the meaning (AND->OR), and ctrl make it NOT - RMB menus or other manipulation on the bar that shows all of the icons - I think I saw something like that in the prototype code. - buttons on the UI: This might be the most clear, but might also require more clicks to get things done.

The right approach might be to do all of the above.


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