Re: Strange time behaviour (DST related?)

for the second case, can you please send the 2 files with identical

Don't try to attach them to the list, copy them on a webserver or send
them to me by private email.



On Wed, 2006-11-22 at 21:31 +0100, Jenner Fusari wrote:
> > This issue is well-known and reported in a few bugs (search for 'Adjust
> > Time' in bugzilla, f-spot product).
> > It's not related to DST but f-spot keeps all dates in UTC. That's why
> > you have a one hour offset if you're living in Italy.
> It's UTC related even in case 2?
> In case 2 I copy exif data from an image to another one: if you look to
> the EXIF data there's no difference. But when you import both the images
> in F-Spot you found a separation of one hour.
> Storing time in UTC is not a problem for me. What I don't understand is
> why two images with identical EXIF data have two different time in
> F-Spot... I can adjust time in F-Spot, obviously, but I hope this won't
> create problem in future (this means: if a bug will be found and fixed I
> hope to not have to adjust again the image time ;) ).
> Thank you Stephane for your answer.
> Bye
>    Jenner
Stephane Delcroix
stephane delcroix org

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