Re: Why wont it do what I want it to do?

Il giorno dom, 11/06/2006 alle 21.49 +0200, Thomas Van Machelen ha

> On Sun, 2006-06-11 at 20:56 +0300, Janne Ojaniemi wrote:
> > Well, I thought that I just described my problem.
> Yeah, you _kind of_ described your problem, but you left out a lot of
> details:
> * what version of f-spot are you running?
> * are you running a distro version, if so what is it?
> * what exact operation did you perform before you arrived in your
> miserable state :-p

Hi Thomas,
the "importing" behaviour described by Janne in his mail has always
occurred to me too.

I have my images in /mnt/fat32partition/images.

Importing them in F-Spot has always caused the creation of
a /home/user/Photos directory exactly the *same* size
of /mnt/fat32part/images before said and with an internal structure
as: /home/user/Photos/year/month/day/filename.jpg

This has happened to me at least with Ubuntu 5.10, Ubuntu 6.06, Mandriva
2006, SUSE 10.0 and Fedora Core 5, rightafter importing images in F-Spot
at it's first launch. So it gotta be a pretty common problem. 

I didn't find Janne's mail offensive or anything than pissed off. Now we
should understand if he's signaled a bug or a wanted feature ;-)

nicola .:kOoLiNuS:. losito

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