Re: Album Support

Sam Barker wrote:

However, I think the key differentiator is what other people have mentioned : Ordering. I think usable definitions are:

Tag:   Identifies an unsorted collection of photos with a common theme
Album: Identifies a sorted collection of photos with a common theme

Surely the way you describe of using albums is exactly why we have tags,
and what tags are very good at. A tag is just a tag! It doesn't have any
other meaning. An album is a group of photos, this could either be a
physical group i.e. in the same folder on a disk or a logical group that
is a selection of photos with several tags in common i.e sam & emma &

I guess I didn't make my point clearly enough. The distinction other people were making (and I think it's a good one) is *ORDERING*.

A tag identifies an unordered collection of photos. When you are tagging photos, there's no way to say "I want to see this one first, then this one, then the other one".

An Album is a *ORDERED* collection of photos. The user can say: "I want to see this picture of Aunt Betty first, then this picture of her dog, then this picture of her house, etc.". The ordering is remembered, and used when doing slideshows, exporting to a web gallery, etc.

To be honest, I don't care what word we use (flikr uses the word "Set" for what I'm describing as "Album"). But I think the ordered/unordered thing is an important distinction that's missing in what f-spot does right now.


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