Re: Picasa2 effects

On 12/20/05, Bengt Thuree wrote:

> True, but F-Spot does all its edits in a new version, and always keeps the
> original. So, in a sence it is a non-destructive editor ;)

Saying "non-destructive editing" I basically mean the same what
musicians mean, saying it - applying a chain of effects, that can be
undone any time or whose parameters can be changed :-)

> As for use cases, please look at the below links.
> They should be considered a guide line I think.

Oh god, could we possibly have them in one place? I know Yet Another
URL for some of the documents by the second URL (for which I troubled
Garret on IRC a couple of days ago) :-) I can even volunteer for
moving them into main wiki at just for the sake of it.


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