Re: Picasa2 effects

On 12/20/05, Bengt Thuree wrote:

> True, if the easiest way to do this is to use Gimp, then we use it.
> But can you get the same feeling as Picaso? That is you work through the
> F-Spot interface, and modify parameters (move mouse or whatever) and see
> the result directly? If so, no problems.

Well, we have to remember that Picasa is a non-destructive editor, so
I don't think that comparison between Picasa and F-Spot+GIMP is
_fully_ applicable here.

Actually, F-Spot already has features a photoeditor should have - Raw
processing (very very basic, but tending to grow up), red-eye remover,
cropping etc., and I'm not sure whether all of  these features are
non-destructive (at least red-eye remover cannot be).

I think there are several use cases for a software like F-Spot that
could show, how many features of a photo retouching application F-Spot
would need. Do we have such use cases already described somewhere?

Btw, I read an interesting review of Aperture by a professional
photographer (the one who did photosession at recent Kennedy clan's
wedding). His point is that software like that should allow users to
review the whole photosession as fast as possible, which means:

- import all photos as fast as possible;
- create previews from Raw as fast as possible;
- store these previews on hard drive, so that loading won't take 8
seconds (exactly same much it takes Aperture to load a preview from a
Raw file).

Editing photos won't be done in Aperture in his case. Only Photoshop +
Adobe Camera Raw.

Again, this is only one of use cases. Other people might be happy with
just removing red-eye effect and maybe even crop. Many users don't
(and won't) even shoot to Raw.

Thus, if there are no existing use cases, they should appear to help
us/you with understand priorities.


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