Re: Picasa2 effects

On Mon, 2005-12-19 at 12:28 -0600, Anthony Juckel wrote:

> > special effects. No thoughts of competing with Gimp, but rather
> > implementing some easy to use/implement filters.
> >
> One other approach would be to simply reuse the Gimp.  You can start
> up the Gimp in batch mode, and send it commands via the built-in
> scheme interpreter (  If
> this interface is a little too clunky, it should be straight-forward
> to write up some helper scripts that would perform the necessary
> operations.
> The benefit is that the F-Spot project doesn't have to worry about
> image manipulation, and can leverage the library of script-fu scripts
> written for the Gimp, but the downside is that the user would have to
> have the Gimp installed in order to use the functionality.

And I am not sure that f-spot would benefit by having a dependency on
gimp. And those people who install gimp, probably know how to use it

I like the idea otherwise, just not sure we should introduce the
dependency for people who don't know gimp.


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