Re: [Evolution] Evolution 3.44.0 (flathub) password update issue

On Thu, 2022-04-28 at 18:27 +0300, Tim Ehrenhaft via evolution-list
"Login to your Google account and accept conditions in order to
access your mail account "(account name ; account name". "

were you able to go through the OAuth2 wizard or it's stuck on any

Disabling the account and using the wizard to create a new one
(slightly different name  so i could tell original from new) gave
the same error.

The OAuth2 tokens are somewhat special, they are not tight to a
specific account in Evolution, they use the user name as the unique
key, thus even if you disable the original account, the stored token is
used with whichever account asks for it.

You can delete the token from the keyring, by using Seahorse
application, but that should not be needed, especially when the code
tells you to re-sign to the Google account, with the OAuth2 wizard.

Could you try to log in to the account in a browser? Say into . I think Google can sometimes prevent login
from 3rd party apps until a single login is done in a browser.


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