Re: [Evolution] Use evolution to send out a list of messages from the command line

On 9/6/21 10:09 AM, dfc via evolution-list wrote:
I might do this with the unix mail but I would really like to keep the
workflow within the framework of evolution.

Assuming your script is outside of evolution (bash, or python, or something), then I think it would be much 
easier to simply extend your script to also call a command line mail utility.

The ssmtp package, is for sending mail only, and has a simple sendmail command for sending messages.

If the account you are using to send is IMAP based, these sent mail messages (along with their attachments 
etc) will still show in your Sent folder on evolution.

This isn't an evolution based solution, but it does seem most straight forward for your needs...

John A
San Diego CA

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