Re: [Evolution] Take Evolution offline from a bash script?

On Mon, 2021-10-18 at 19:20 +0100, Pete Biggs wrote:
Currently it backs up .local/share/evolution,
which gives me a 500 MB file, and takes a little over 6 minutes.
I'm afraid what you think you need backed up is
insufficient.  There's an in-app help that details the data locations
for your version: 

As mentioned, I will be changing what gets backed up.

Help -> Contents -> Common other Questions -> Data storage locations
What you are backing up is just the data files, not the configuration
and settings.

They are, however, easily restored by deleting all Evolution-related
data and following the 'wizard', right?

I don't keep every backup. I keep 7 days worth, and on the 7th day,
I copy that one to the weekly directory, and the same for the
monthly, and keep only 4 monthlies.
Have you tried restoring your backups to a clean system to make sure
what you are backing up is useful?

Yes. I had a large number of emails that I converted from Pegasus Mail
to maildir (mbox) format, plus another few weeks of new emails, and
when I had a disk crash, I had to reinstall MATE, re-configured
Evolution when I ran it, then restored from that backup. Worked just

I don't use Calendar, Tasks, or Memos.
If you don't use them, they won't take up any space in your backups.

I'll check that out. 

I just use my normal nightly system backup. There's no need for a
separate utility for Evolution.
I consider my Evolution backup to be one of my normal nightly
Sure, so do it properly.  Use the utility for backing up Evolution,
at least then you know you will capture everything you need in a
restorable state.

Properly, to me, using the built-in backup, would be to not getting a
requester asking me if I want to shut it down, which is not suitable
for automated backup.

If I had a way to, within a bash script, use the built-in utility, I
would consider it.

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