Re: [Evolution] Wrong dates in calendar

On Tue, 2021-11-30 at 00:17 +0800, JeanPierre wrote:
I did what you asked I copied New Year's Day 2023 which should be on
the first of January 2023, but on evolution is listed on the 31th of
December 2022? (see attached)

the event has:
thus it is defined as being on the December 31st. In other words, the
calendar contains the event set as such, which Evolution follows. How
that happened (supposing the even had been shown on the January 1st
some time ago) I do not know. I doubt the restore from backup caused
it, the calendars are left untouched during the restore.

I would have thought that the computer name would change during

The computer name used to be used as part of a unique identificator
(UID) for the calendar/book/mail account/... The UID does not change on
restore from a backup, it's preserved. Recreating the accounts from
scratch you'll see hexa-numbers instead.

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