Re: [Evolution] multiple pop accounts and legacy archive


do you have enabled threaded view? 
No, just a list view. For some reason a dozen or so of emails seem to
be dated wrongly; I have the inkling that there may have been an issue
in the initial mbox conversion.

You should add them, 

When converting mbox files to maildir using `mb2md` and then copying
those files to the `$HOME/Mail/Evolution/.Sent/cur` , some emails in
the initial mbox were not split properly into separate items; that may
be an `mb2md` issue though.

I can be completely wrong with this, but maybe you've checked Edit
->Preferences->Mail Preferences->Apply the same view to all folders.
When that's off, the View->Current View->... applies to the selected
folder only (and all the folders using the same View).
That was it; thanks a lot.

Kind regards,

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