Re: [Evolution] multiple pop accounts and legacy archive

Hello again,

So I have created a new maildir account named "Archive" with no SMTP
and a received maildir pointing to a mail folder $HOME/Mail/Evolution/
whose `cur` contains 21k received messages. All went well, only one
problem: when sorting all messages by date, some messages, e,g received
2003 appear before today's messages. Even the message header contains 

Date:Thu, 11 Sep 2003 00:43:51 +0200 (10/09/03 23:43:51)

a handfull of such messages appeaer out of order.

Second, I have added a `Sent` folder to the Archive, then copied around
5k sent messages into the created file system folder
`$HOME/Mail/Evolution/.Sent/cur` . All of them seem mostly displayed
correctly; only a few emails in 2000 seem to come out before emails
sent in 1992. 

The problem in the email view is that for Sent "To" matters, whereas
for the Inbox "From". However, it appears the configuration of the
columns applies for all folders in the maildir archive. I would have
thought that these column settings are done automatically?

Kind regards,

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