[Evolution] multiple pop accounts and legacy archive


I would like to ask how to do the following with evolution:

- All my emails received and sent over the past 25 years are stored as
separate maildirs in `$HOME/Archive/Received` and `$HOME/Archive/Sent`,
respectively. (Extracted from elm and mostly Thunderbird mbox files).

- There are several POP accounts I pull receive emails from.

Whenever I set up POP accounts now, all received/sent emails are
swallowed by the "On This Computer" which I do _not_ want to see at
all. Rather, I would like to see the following hierarchy in my left

- account_1 domain org
   - Inbox
   - Sent
   - Draft
- account_2 domain org
   - Inbox
   - Sent
   - Draft
- Archive (maildir)
   - Inbox
   - Sent

And I would like to be able to configure the following behaviour:

- I would like to move some emails manually from the account's Inbox
into my Archive/Inbox. emails of no interest I would delete there.

- I would like all account's Sent emails to be archived into the common
Archive/Sent maildir.

This process should allow me to continue accumulating both sent and
received emails in a single folder with only two maildir subfolder in
my home directory. This makes:

- backup very easy, e.g. to the cloud,
- keep the mails independent of evolution.

How would I go about achieving that?

Kind regards,
Peter Wurmsdobler

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