Re: [Evolution] multiple pop accounts and legacy archive

Hello Pete,

mailing list headers. There's a "Reply-to-list".
Sorry, did not know that; found it now.

a modern multi-account email system. I'm sorry your experience of it
has been tainted by other MUAs twisting into something it was never
designed to be.
That is certainly the case; I'll try IMAP then.

No, that *IS* the Maildir format.  The Inbox is the top level with
cur/new/tmp all other mailfolders are subdirectories with subfolders
separated by a '.' 
Ah, I see, that is intended. Thanks for the explanation.

Creating an account like this in Evolution does not automatically
create any other mail folders - it is merely a method of pointing
Evolution to a store of mail. 

- create a maildir on $HOME/Mail/Received
- create a maildir on $HOME/Mail/Sent

These are not consistent statements.  
Yes, I see that now.

- add a "Received" logical folder to my local

If you mean a Search Folder (there's no "logical folder" in
What I meant by that is a folder for an account that appears as say
"Received", but exists in the file system as `.Received`

I would strongly advise that you don't mess around with what
would consider its private working files. It will have undefined
consequences and it is not unknown for file layouts to change in
Yes, you are right, that is perhaps better.

Why do you have such an objection to the Evolution metadata? 
I would consider the emails as sent and received as primary data, any
other derived data as metadata which I do not want to backup or make
persistent; the metadata pertains to the view of the emails.

Kind regards,

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