Re: [Evolution] Evolution Not Receiving Mail

On Mon, 2021-06-28 at 10:12 -0500, Anonymous Japhering via evolution-
list wrote:
No indication that anything was still running.   Is there a flatpak
version of  the evolution --force-shutdown ?

I second what Andre said, better to not hijack threads.

For the question itself (I know, it's related to what I wrote in this
thread) you can try:

   $ flatpak run org.gnome.Evolution --force-shutdown

eventually Flatpak's own:

   $ flatpak kill org.gnome.Evolution

To verify it worked use:

   $ ps ax | grep evolution

where should be nothing referencing "/app/" (quotes for clarity only)

For your offline state, try to change the online detection method in 
Edit->Preferences->Network Preferences, but from what you wrote I'm
afraid there broke something lower in the stack, not only the detection
itself. Did also the runtime update? (I guess `flatpak history` can
help here, but I've this slightly broken here, thus I cannot verify).
I'd try to downgrade it (and rebuild Evolution), with:

   $ flatpak remote-info flathub org.gnome.Sdk//3.38 --log | more

which lists available commits for the SDK (you might need also the one
for the org.gnome.Platform of the same version), then you can use the
commit ID to update to that precise version with:

   $ flatpak update --commit ID org.gnome.Sdk//3.38

Hope it helps.

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