[Evolution] Grouping in contacts is not working

System: Lenovo X230 with 8Gb ram and 500Gb SSD 
Running Manjaro Cinnamon 21.0.7, Cinnamon version 4.8.6 
Kernel version 
Evolution version 3.40.2 (new install)
I transferred data from an other computer (same specs as above) using
backup/restore Evolution version was 3.28.5 
Everything seemed to transfer correctly no error messages 
Folders and emails OK Calendar OK (don't use Task and Memos)
All the contacts got also transferred, but they were organized in
Categories and in the new install they exhibit strange behaviours.

The grey categories separators are larger and jump around, the contacts
also jump around (click on one and an other opens instaid!) 
This happens only when 'Show Any Category' is selected? If I select a
specific category, then that category show up correctly and I can select
any contact in that category without problems. I tried grouping using
other fields (ie. I put a different category name in the 'Manager' field
of a few contacts and used the 'Manager' field for the grouping but the
scrambling occurred?   


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