Re: [Evolution] Evolution Not Receiving Mail

On Fri, 2021-06-25 at 12:06 -0600, Val Kartchner via evolution-list
Evolution was working yesterday but is not working today on any of
the 5
accounts on  I am writing this email on gmail's web

When I get a mail failure I tell it to Reconnect.  I enter the
username and
password, then tell Gmail that I approve that GNOME Evolution can
to this account.  I then get a flash of what looks like an
key, then that screen is cleared to show me a screen with "Requesting
access token, please wait..."  This screen never receives the token
it already got the token (on the previous screen) and disregarded it.

How do I fix Evolution to receive the authorization token that it was

As we keep saying on this list, it's important to *at a minimum* report
the version of Evolution (see Help->About). The specific DE might also
be relevant (Gnome, KDE, etc.), and the whether the accounts were
authorised using gnome-online-accounts or directly within Evo.


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