[Evolution] Calendar list changes?

Evolution 3.40.1 (3.40.1-1.fc34) 

I've recently moved from Fedora 32 to 34 and have only just noticed a difference in how the calendar shows events (or I've somehow messed up some preferences in Evolution that I'm unaware of). I always have the calendar set to list view, and in the past that view showed me the current month (and the month changer was active). Now the list view gives me every event since time immemorial and the month switcher is disabled. I can still get a month view by selecting 'Month', so this is no great issue for me - just more of a question. Has the list view changed from showing just a month's block to showing all events? Is there a way to have a list view of calendar events that shows by month block?

Thanks in advance,
Steve T

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