[Evolution] Calender with html formatted description

evolution 3.36.5-0ubuntu1 

I try to get calendar entries from exchange server (ews connection).
The information will be displayed in plain text (no text attributes
like bold, italic, color, fontsize etc). 
Trying to extract the VCALENDAR or VEVENTs from an pst file (e.g. with
readpst or evolution importer) is gives the same result. I always get
plain text. Enbedded pictures and attachments can be found in the
appropiate tab, not in the description area. There I only see pointers
like "[cid:image001.jpg@01D75A61.DE68B2D0]".

I tried to modify the ~/.local/.../calendar.ics and the
~/.cache/.../cache.db to insert html tags but they are only shown in
plain text (e.g. like ... <b>bold</b>...).

How can I get a presentation of a calendar entry like in Outlook?

Thanks, Matthias

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