Re: [Evolution] MH folders editing

On 2021-12-17 at 21:17 +0100, Francesco Scaglione wrote:
I do not need to import the folders, no, I would indeed like
to create an MH account and point it to the right folders,
the second option you mention; but without receiving new
mails there, since I'm already currently receiving the mails
from those accounts, in Evolution, through the IMAP

I'm really only looking for a way to consult the archive of
mails received during ten years in Claws-mail and recorded
in those MH folders.

That's exactly what that second option allows you. If you don't tell
evolution to store mail into that MH account, nor are other programs
(Claws, the synchronization process…) storing new mails there, those
contents won't change.

Best regards

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