Re: [Evolution] Evolution hangs if Gnome Keyring isn't open before starting

On 2021-12-18 at 09:20 -0500, Julius Merphik wrote:
Using Evolution 3.36.5-0ubuntu1 on Ubuntu 20.04.3, Evolution hangs if
the Gnome Keyring isn't already open when Evolution is started, at
least when Evolution is configured to access more than one Google

Hello Julius

Are you using the Gnome Desktop Environment or another DE?

If you are using GNOME, isn't gnome-keyring already autostarted by it?

Expected behavior: If Gnome Keyring isn't open when Evolution is
started, a password prompt is displayed to unlock the keyring.

Evolution asks the Keyring, and if it isn't there it would show the
password prompt (i.e. it it was working).
Note that if the keyring wasn't running it should be activated

Actual behavior: For e-mail, folders are never loaded, each account
says "Loading...," and eventually this error message appears: "Failed
to connect account '[account name]'. The reported error was 'Failed
to authenticate: Timeout was reached'." Calendars do not sync.
Evolution hangs, and has to be force-closed or killed from the
command line.

It seems that the keyring hangs without providing any answer. This
causes evolution to stall awaiting, until it finally reaches a timeout.

In addition, this causes other applications that rely on the Gnome
Keyring (e.g., Chrome) to fail to start until Ubuntu has been

Since Chrome is failing as well, this doesn't seem a problem of

It seems implicit in how you phrased it, but can you confirm that if
you *manually* launch gnome-keyring before running evolution it does

Thus I think the problem may actually be somethign on the lines of
"when gnome-keyring is launched by evolution it fails to load and

Suggestions for fixing or reporting this as a bug much appreciated.
Thank you.

Both evolution and gnome-keyring bug trackers are at

The part I find more interesting is that chromium fails as well, but
gnome-keyring working if it was already opened. If evolution request
contained something that made it hang, I would expect it to always

I *suspect* that if, after one failed opening of evolution, you killed
gnome-keyring, then you would be able to open chromium without having
to resort to a full system restart.

As a way of debugging, you could watch the dbus messages, trying to
make sense on when it fails. I don't expect them to be too readable,

Best regards

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