[Evolution] Adding Google account broke Evolution

Evolution was working perfectly with one local e-mail, one remote e-mail (IMAP), and two remote calendars (one CalDAV + one Google Calendar via CalDAV, using an app password). Evolution v. 3.36.5-0ubuntu1 on Ubuntu 20.04.3.

This morning I added my Google work calendar and Gmail work e-mail (IMAP); no 2FA available on this account, so I enabled less secure app access in Google. Everything appeared to be working fine, so I shut down my computer. The next time I started it, I was unable to access *ANY* of my non-local e-mail or calendar accounts.

In the e-mail pane, both accounts just said "Loading..." with the spinning circle. They were never able to connect or display the folder list or any messages.

Re calendars, when I started Evolution, it displayed the following error message for each non-local calendar: "Failed to connect calendar 'CalDAV: [account]' / Unauthorized." Pressing "Reconnect" did nothing; or, in the case of my Google work account, it displayed what appeared to be a Google popup asking for my username and password, and then asking me to confirm that I wanted to allow Evolution to access my account. When I clicked yes, it displayed an Evolution popup saysing "Google Calendar authentication request / Login to your Google account and accept conditions in order to access your calendar 'Google: [employer name]'. / URL: none-local:// / Requesting access token, please wait..." Then it stalled there.

After deleting my Google work account (email and calendar) from Evolution, I was able to reactivate my Fastmail email account by deleting and reinstalling it, but I could not get any non-local calendars working again. In the end, I deleted all Evolution data and config files, deleted all email and calendar login credentials from the keyring, uninstalled and purged Evolution, then reinstalled and rebuilt everything from scratch. Now I am back to where I started.

My question is: Does anyone have any thoughts about what might have caused this, and how I can avoid it? I need to have my work account accessible, but I really, really don't want to go through that again.

Many thanks,

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