Re: [Evolution] Junk Mail Settings - Gnome Evolution V3.36.5-Oubuntu1


you are probably using POP accounts and bogofilter by at least


  mv -i ~/.bogofilter/ ~/old.bogofilter

to get rid of a fish bogofilter data base.

For my POP accounts Claws and Evolution share bogofilter. A SPAM attack
years ago send hundreds of emails/second, this kind of attack needs to
be blocked by the server, so bogofilter didn't help. Apart from this, I
didn't experience issues with bogofilter. Sometimes a few mails aren't
detected correctly, but this doesn't carry weight.

Actually the bad of bogofilter is, that mails get downloaded, before
they get tested. It has got a pro and a con that bogofilter doesn't use
external data bases. The user must train bogofilter, before it's doing
anything useful at all. For me bogofilter works very well. If it would
misbehave, the first thing I would do, would be renaming the data base
for testing purpose.


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