Re: [Evolution] Send messages as plain text to select recipients

On Fri, 2021-08-27 at 07:55 -0700, Robert McDonald wrote:
I wasn’t aware of that setting, thanks for that! Unfortunately that
doesn’t seem to be working. When I added the Evolution list to my
contacts, that check box was there but greyed out (unticked). When
I replied to this message the editor was in HTML mode.
I tried with another personal contact I already had in my list,
same issue.
Is there another setting that might conflict with this one?
I don't know.  I am not an Evolution expert.  I'm running Evolution
3.40.0-1 under KDE and Ubuntu 21.04 and I don't seem to have trouble
changing the value of that checkbox (it's not disabled as you are

I have deleted most of this thread, so pardon me if these setting was
mentioned. I don't think they're on a per user basis, though.


Evolution Preferences>Composer Preferences>
    Format messages in HTML: unchecked.
    Before composer format changes from HTML to Plain Text

Evolution Preferences>Mail Preferences>
  HTML Messages:
    Prompt on sending HTML mail to contacts that do not want them

--- end of settings

Behaviour when replying:

When replying to a plain text message:
  replies with plain text

When replying to an HTML message:
Brings up a requester...
Are you sure you want to change the composer format?
Switching to Plain Text format will cause the text to lose all the HTML
formatting. Do you want to continue?

Don't lose formatting
Lose formatting

Hope this helps.

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