Re: [Evolution] Initial run moved many emails from IMAP folders to Junk

On 8/19/21 1:45 AM, Pete Biggs wrote:

How do you deem the mail to be SPAM?

I saw the emails in the Junk folder, not in evolution, but in
thunderbird running on a different machine.

What I meant was that you said "Mail deemed SPAM is moved" on another
client. What are you using on that other client to categorise the mail
as spam?

This was not as straightforward to answer as I thought.

1) SPAM is marked primarily by bayesian filtering, but occasionally by clicking the "spam icon" in thunderbird
   Mail categorized in this way is sent directly to the Trash folder, but also bears a flag that allows other 
thunderbird instances to know this mail was marked as SPAM.

2) In thunderbird, custom IMAP flags are set to indicate SPAM

3) In my installation, IMAP is served by courier-imap. courier implements "custom IMAP flags" as a 
directory/file named: courierimapkeywords/:list

4) The content of this file for mail that has been marked as SPAM in the Trash folder:
# cat .maildir/.Trash/courierimapkeywords/:list

5) But some of these files start with numerous flags:
# head .maildir/courierimapkeywords/:list


1) Could it be that evolution is getting confused trying to interpret these thunderbird "Junk" designations?

2) Does evolution interpret these thunderbird flags?

I have to believe this is at least related to what I'm seeing.

Thanks for your help Pete and Andre!


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