[Evolution] Initial run moved many emails from IMAP folders to Junk


I've just joined the list because I'm (once again) trying to switch away from thunderbird email on linux.

I installed evolution on archlinux via the pacman package manager.

My mail server has a self issued cert, and I had some trouble getting evolution to connect at all. This 
required continuing to re-enter the IMAP and SMTP passwords on initial account creation.

Once evolution started to sync my existing mail store to the local computer, I noticed a very troubling 
thing: many many emails were showing up in the Junk folder. In my existing thunderbird client configuration, 
I don't use the Junk folder at all. Mail deemed SPAM is moved directly to the Trash folder, which I review 
before emptying.

Quite a number of these emails are from deeply nested IMAP folders where I squirrel away many tens of 
thousands of historic emails from the last several decades.

Now, several hundred of these IMAP folder emails are deposited into the JUNK folder.

This doesn't seem like initial behavior that is intended to keep new users happy 8-(

My reading of the online docs prior to first execution indicated that Evolution used external programs to 
perform spam detection, and that it wouldn't be enabled by default.

What should I do to prevent Evolution from trashing my mail archives?

Thanks for your help!

John A

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