Re: [Evolution] AAARRRGGGGGG REEEALLY Need an HTML editor

Dear Andre,

So, as a highly experienced user of a standard, mainstream 
version of linux, using the standard version of evolution which the apt-
get system installed for me, my problems are all my own fault, and my 
requests for a new feature are worthless. Why on earth would I expect a 
piece of linux software to work out of the box without spending weeks 
playing with the settings ? How stupid of me.

This seems a (sadly) 
familiar concept.

Oh well, I suppose I'll just have to go on suffering 
the countless html coding errors this standard version of evolution has 
suffered from since I started using it 15 years ago.

BTW here is what 
the world "development" as in "software development" means:-
process in which someone or something grows or changes and becomes more 

Now, I will also unsubscribe myself again from this 
pointless mailing list.

On Tue, 2021-08-10 at 10:33 +0200, Andre 
Klapper wrote:

On Mon, 2021-08-09 at 19:38 +0200, 
sdisemi tin it wrote:

I am using MINT 19.3 CINNAMON V 4.4.8 LINUX 

THE EVOLUTION IS 3.28.5-0ubuntu0.
example, the html WYSIWYG editor sucks heavily.

AAARRRGGGGGG you should REEEALLY upgrade and not run utterly ancient

software versions from 2018. Newer versions include newer bug fixes.

And as a courtesy to others, please avoid writing caps lock only.

Andre Klapper  |  ak-47 gmx net> 

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