Re: [Evolution] AAARRRGGGGGG REEEALLY Need an HTML editor


On Tue, 2021-08-10 at 11:06 +0200, sdisemi tin it wrote:
So, as a highly experienced user of a standard, mainstream
version of linux, using the standard version of evolution which the apt-
get system installed for me, my problems are all my own fault

Nobody ever said so, and I don't know why you'd think so.

and my requests for a new feature are worthless. 

Nobody ever said so, and I don't know why you'd think so. However, we
cannot travel back three years in time to fix your three year old
version that you decided to run. That's why I recommended to upgrade.

Why on earth would I expect a
piece of linux software to work out of the box without spending weeks
playing with the settings ? How stupid of me.

I have no idea why you'd want to "play with the settings" though, as
that would not solve any problem. See my previous reply.

Oh well, I suppose I'll just have to go on suffering
the countless html coding errors this standard version of evolution has
suffered from since I started using it 15 years ago.

See my previous reply: If you don't want to stick with ancient buggy
software versions, upgrade to recent less buggy software versions.

(I have no idea what a "standard version" is, though - if you think
that your distro ships a "standard version", you could talk to your
distro to update that "standard version" as the packages that you use
are provided by your distro and not by us.)

You chose to use a conservative LTS version of some distro, so you get
the package versions of that conservative LTS distro, basically. The
package update policy of your distro is up to your distro, not us.

BTW here is what
the world "development" as in "software development" means:-
process in which someone or something grows or changes and becomes more

That's what has happened within the last three years of development,
however you are running a software version from three years ago.

Andre Klapper  |  ak-47 gmx net

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