[Evolution] Migrating from Thunderbird via import without duplicates

I understand how to import my mbox files from Thunderbird and I understand how to setup my accounts on Evolution, but I'm not sure how to do both without ending up with duplicates and essentially mitigating the entire advantage of having local copies to import from.

Here is what I understand how to do now

1.) Import my "INBOX" mbox file to some new local folder (e.g. fooBox)

2.) Add existing mail account (e.g. foo bar com) on Evolution.

3.) Move all mail from fooBox to foo bar com->Inbox

4.) After step 2 is appears Evolution automatically syncs with the bar.com server and downloads all the mail I had in fooBox already. After step 3 now I have duplicates of everything and had to wait for all mail to download from bar.com. I can remove these duplicates, but this makes the import step seem useless. Is there any way to avoid downloading all mail from the server and use the local copies, but only download those not present in the local folder so as to save a bunch of bandwidth and time?

Here is what I would expect to happen:

1.) Create a mail account (e.g. foo bar com) on Evolution but have some way to prevent it from automatically syncing

2.) Import my "INBOX" mbox file to Evolution in the foo bar com Inbox folder

3.) Enable sync for the foo bar com account

4.) Evolution checks the file list on bar.com and imports only those that do not already exist in the local folder


Is there any way of doing the above?

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