[Evolution] Localisation of IMAP folders


I would like to change the English labels of special IMAP folders in
the folders column on the left of the UI into their translated German
form, e.g. "Trash" to "Papierkorb".
If the remote folder name is in English rather than German, i. e.
"mail@server/INBOX/Trash", association of this real folder with trash
in the account editor changes the folder label to its remote name
"Trash" rather than keeping German "Papierkorb". However, in the folder
properties, the folder name is still shown in German translation,
"Papierkorb". Apart from Trash, I also encounter this behaviour with
the other "special folders", Sent, Drafts and Archive.

I use Evolution 3.38.1 with German UI language in Linux Mint 20
(Ubuntu) and Arch Linux.

Best regards,

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