[Evolution] Mail merge?

Hi Folks,

Returning to Evolution after seeing the mess that is Thunderbird 78.

Have just installed Evolution version 3.30.5-1.1 (the default in Devuan).

As per the subject, I am scratching my head on sending emails as "mail merge" - this is where I can put multiple addresses in the "to" field, send, and a little bit of behind-the-scenes magic means that each recipient gets ONLY their address, they don't get other people's addresses.

It seems there may be a way to do this via Libre Office but I would rather a decent method in Evolution itself if there is one? I don't often do this but when I do it is important to respect the privacy of each person in the group.

It's also nice to see a few things I wanted in the past have shown up - much thanks to the team!

Thanks in advance, KR

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