Re: [Evolution] Mail merge?

I don't use mail merge myself very often but having also come here from
Thunderbird, and having even advised Thunderbird users to try the
Libre/Open Office method, I am familiar with the concept and practice
of mail merge and I am very disappointed at the response (or should I
call it denial?) you have received here. I'm surprised that you've had
to explain it. I'd have hoped for a response more on the lines of "we
understand what you want, but sorry, we aren't planning on doing that."

Mail merge as a process was always a function of office, not mail,
applications. It's not something that non-business people ever do so
I'm not surprised that people are not that familiar with the concept.
It's also a complex process to get reliably correct, even dedicated
programs get it wrong. It's easy to say "how difficult is it to get a
text file and put column 1 here and column 2 there", but it always goes
further than that with conditionals and extended logic. At least with
an office application you can check before mailing out a few hundred
sheets of paper that it's correct - with email, you don't even get that

Personally, if I want to send individual messages to multiple people I
use a shell script.  If I did it very often I would look at dedicated
bulk mail programs.

I don't think I'll be staying with Evo. Lousy printing and absolutely
no control of fonts in sent HTML messages.

There's a new editor in the next version; you can also use external
editors if you want to do more complex formatting.

Didn't there was anything wrong with printing.

Too many clicks to do things
where I'm accustomed to keyboard shortcuts. 

So use keyboard shortcuts, there's plenty of them.

 Help (Alt-H) -> Contents (F1) -> Shortcut keys


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