Re: [Evolution] Font size in HTML mail ?

On 10/1/20 8:07 AM, Milan Crha via evolution-list wrote:
there's nothing to be added back from my point of view. Users have the
option fully under their control now. The option is not about the zoom,
it's really about the minimum font size. Quoting from the WebKitGTK

    The minimum font size in pixels used to display text. This setting
    controls the absolute smallest size. Values other than 0 can
    potentially break page layouts.

Thus that Evolution forced its own value there was kind of a bad idea.

One idea I saw in a phone mail client that seemed to work well combines minimum font and zoom.

Zoom is applied until the smallest font is at least the minimum size. Everything else gets bigger. This preserves the page layout at the expense of scrolling, but the user is of course able to use pinch-zoom to see the entire message.

That might be a good option for Evolution if someone is reworking the HTML display code.

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