Re: [Evolution] Multipart issue

On Thu, 2020-05-28 at 17:31 -0500, Robert G (Doc) Savage via
evolution-list wrote:
Here's a copy/paste of the Evolution compose window of my reply to
Sam. I've attached the as-sent message from my Sent folder. 

right, it is almost the same to what Patrick posted here, what had been
received at the mailing list. That means the mailing list didn't break
the text/plain part, it received it broken.

Unfortunately the cut/past action strips away all HTML formatting
carried forward from the original messages from Sam and I when I
click on Reply. I Hope this helps.

I'm not sure I follow. If you've set Evolution to not compose in HTML,
then replying to an HTML mail will cause a question to remove
formatting and it'll do it.

Fedora and Evolution do not make it easy to insert screen captures to
illustrate what's going on in companion terminal windows. I typically
have to use a mixture of plain text and HTML encoding to make the
outbound message show what I'm trying to demonstrate. I can't just
use plain text.

I do not think it's true. What you want is to use Preformatted
paragraph format, then the lines will not wrap, thus what you paste
from a terminal will look similar to what the terminal shows (terminal
can also wrap lines on the window width boundary). Thus look at the top
toolbar, where is:

[ Plain Text v ][ Normal      v ][justify left][justify center][......

click on the 'Normal' and pick 'Preformatted' from there. It works for
the selected paragraphs.


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