Re: [Evolution] Outbox subscribing to Foreing Folders

On Thu, 2020-05-28 at 18:18 +0200, Tassoman via evolution-list wrote:
Subscribing to Foreign Folders is working, but foreign Outbox is

I created a new SMTP account, using the other's email address, to
send mails impersonating another account but I dont know where to put
outsent foreign account mails. That sent mails are dropped inside my
own (authenticated) Outbox folder in my personal mailbox.
Any chance to subscribe to foreign Outbox? 

the Outbox folder contains messages to be send, while sent messages
belong to Sent Items folder (Exchange folder name).

Why you cannot see the foreign Outbox folder I do not know, it can be
intentional (by the server decision/design). If you know the Outbox
folder ID you can subscribe to it separately, but I do not think it's
of any use. You cannot change the Outbox folder, which Evolution uses
(that's always On This Computer/Outbox).

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