Re: [Evolution] evolution password for first time.

Hello Ben

Evolution doesn't have a password field when configuring an email
account. You will be prompted for the password when it is needed (not
sure if it would occur at configuration time, but in any case if you
finished setting up the account, it would happen the first time it
attempted to fetch the emails).
The passwords are stored using the keyring provided by the system. I'm
not familiar with that "Passwords and Keys app", but it _could_ be an
interface for it (just as seahorse does). In any case, although you
would later be able to find it there, the key will not be the email
address. Anyway, you are not expected to input anything there.
If it needs the password and it's not there, you should be prompted.

You mention that it timeouts with no connection. I suspect that some of
the connection details may be wrong (or some setup needed to e.g. allow
the connection through a firewall). If evolution isn't able to contact
with the remote host, it will not reach the step of requesting you the

Kind regards

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