[Evolution] evolution password for first time.

Hi all,
I'm trying out evolution for the first time on linux mint 19.3.
evolution version 3.28.5-0ubuntu0.18.04.1

i currently have email setup on AWS workmail and thunderbird has been my mail client for a while but i throught i'd give evolution a go.

Thunderbird has a place to input a password. Then connects and email works.
Evolution has nowhere to put a password and so it times out with no connection. It does not prompt for a password. I've scoured the net for an answer but nothing!
Maybe I'm missing something here? Can evolution be a simple mail client?
I've also tried to add a password to Passwords and Keys app in Mint. I created an email key but evolution does not look at this or create one.
I've tried the account as the email username as well as username domain com etc.

Eventually I'd like to use evolution with "Mail in a Box" and sync the household to it. But first just getting evolution to work is the fist step.
What am I missing?


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