Re: [Evolution] evolution password for first time.

i currently have email setup on AWS workmail and thunderbird has been
my mail client for a while but i throught i'd give evolution a go.

AWS? If that's what you really mean (and not EWS), what protocol does
AWS use? (IMAP? POP? EWS?)

Thunderbird has a place to input a password. Then connects and email works.
Evolution has nowhere to put a password and so it times out with no
connection. It does not prompt for a password. I've scoured the net
for an answer but nothing!

When configuring the account do you mean that it fails in the
autodiscover?  There's a tick box at the bottom of the "Identity" page
of the account configuration labelled "Look up mail server details on
the entered e-mail address", untick that so you can fill in the server
details manually (use the same details as for Thunderbird).

Maybe I'm missing something here? Can evolution be a simple mail client?

Err, no, Evolution is not "simple"!

Eventually I'd like to use evolution with "Mail in a Box" and sync
the household to it. But first just getting evolution to work is the
fist step.

Evolution works with standard protocols - it doesn't really care what
the server is (so long as the server behaves properly).


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