Re: [Evolution] Authentication issue with gmail imap account

On Tue, 2020-08-25 at 22:09 -0500, John W. Himpel wrote:
A short time later I received the following message:
Execution of filter "Mail from utube" failed: invalid folder URI

just in case, go to the Edit->Message Filters and correct all the rules
to point to the new account's folders. They have stored a reference to
the previous (now deleted) Gmail account.

With respect of the original error you saw, I do not recall seeing any
such in the recent past. I've no idea how that could happen. Maybe a
leftover from previously configured accounts, though it feels unlikely.
If it happens again, check what the UID points to (the one you
"censored"). There is a corresponding UID.source file on the disk,
either in ~/.config/evolution/sources/ or under
~/.cache/evolution/sources. Eventually there's a .source file
referencing that UID (containing that UID string).

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